Claudie and Bruno BILANCINI

At the beginning of 1992 we leased 9 hectares of the ‘Vineyards of Tirecul’, one of the ancient Premier Crus of Monbazillac. It has to be said it was in very poor condition. Though at the same time, we could see the potential. There were enormous assets in this domaine - old vines planted on the best hillside slope of the region and a soil free from chemical fertiliser.

It was the beginning of a great adventure for us, both being motivated by the desire to revive the glorious past of this domaine without compromising on the quality and character of sweet wines – a radical choice.

But from the first vintages, the wines received international and national acclaim, to such an extent that by 1997 we found we had the means to purchase the domaine, to restore and develop the ancient chais and to begin implementing our rigorous standards for the vineyard.

From the very beginning we chose to have a respectful approach to the environment, then decided to formalise this by converting to organic farming in 2009. Since 2012, all our wines are officially organic.