Simple Principles

Des principes simplesPatience, Exigency and Respect guide our steps.

From February to September all our work in organic farming in the vineyard has as its sole purpose procuring, with patience, perfectly ripe and healthy grapes, indispensable for flawless, perfect noble rot.

This is only possible by controlling yields: 25 to 40 hl/ha for our dry white and 5 to 18 hl/ha for our liquoreux.

The harvest is totally manual, even for the dry whites, with selective manual picks for our liquoreux. This exacting measure of selective picks necessitates passing through our vines on numerous occasions to carefully choose, sometimes grape by grape, those grapes and only those grapes that have reached an ideal state of botrytisation. This period lasts for several weeks, usually from early October to late November. The grapes are then pressed slowly for several hours to extract the juice in the very best conditions. The flow of juice is by gravity, without pumps. After a natural settling, these juices are fermented in oak barrels, sometimes for months for the richest batches. We do not enrich our wines with sugar, their richness is totally natural.

The barrel aging – between 12 and 36 months depending on the vintage – permits us to achieve our goal. No choices are made without pre tasting and respect for the terroir and the grape is at the heart of our goal and the focus of our attention.