The liquoreux 2009

A hot and dry summer with a very sunny September. The morning mists arrived towards the 10th September provoking in only a few weeks a botryisation over the vineyard as a whole. The harvesting began on the 5th October and finished 5 days later. Only one pick, methodically executed, allowed us to gather in the grapes at their optimum. Unprecedented in the history of Tirecul!

Cuvée Madame 2009

A moment of meditation with this bewitching wine, an exceptional vintage.

‘La Cuvee Madame, inspired and triumphant, presents at the same time depth and sophistication, in the mouth a touch of opulence but exceptionally extended with vibrant flavours lifted by notes of mushroom and cream – a true paradigm of the eminence of Monbazillac’. Guide de la Revue des Vins de France 2014.

Château Tirecul La Gravière 2009

A 32 month vinification process has given this exceptional vintage a smooth, mellow and melting sweetness.

‘Quite colossal, the cuvee ‘normal’ of this chateau is released gradually on the nose and mouth, on notes of crystallised apricot; its refinement is impeccable’. Guide de la Revue des Vins de France 2014.

Les Pins 2009 :

In 2009 ‘Les Pins’ was made from three days of select picks in the young vines of between 8 and 14 years of age.

‘Crystallised apricot, saffron on the nose as in the mouth, thereafter the wine takes on smoothness and unctuosity with a precise finish’. Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2013.